Bondarev Sergey

Lives and works in St. Petersburg.
Born in November 1, 1980.

Graduated one of the best art schools in Russia, Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts (2004), specialization - "artist -monumentalist"; the previous university was Yekaterinburg Art College of I.D. Shadr (1999), specialization - "graphic artist".

Paintings, drawings and collages of Sergey Bondarev are in private collections in Russia, Europe, the USA. Solo and group exhibitions were held in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Winner of the Artist of the Year 2015 Award ("TOP 50. Most famous people of St. Petersburg" Magazine "").

Sergey Bondarev is an ideologist and co-founder of Creative Union "KultuRRa" which is famous by it's fashion-projects ("Bondarev", "Sonia Marmeladova", "Bearded baby"), retro hairdressers "Buklya" and the newly opened bar "Kunst".

The headliner artist of Helsinki Fashion Week (2016).
Sergey Bondarev creates art-windows for the brand new luxury department store Au Pont Rouge (Moika Embankment, 73).
Sergey Bondarev collaborates with the Mikhailovsky Theatre.


October 2014 - first solo art exhibition "Hmm..." at Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg, Russia

June 2015 - second solo exhibition "First Date" at Beatnik Gallery , St. Petersburg, Russia

October 2015 - group exhibition "12 chairs", Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Russia

2015 - The most famous people of St.Petersburg "Top 50 Award" in the category "Art" - The best artist of the year 2015

March 2016 - group exhibition "Portrait of happy people", "Zdes na Taganke" Gallery (curator Andrey Bartenev), Moscow, Russia

March 2016 - solo project "Must have 2016", exhibition and shop-windows presentation, Au Pont Rouge, St. Petersburg, Russia

2016 - Nordic Fashion Week organization as the producer of Helsinki Fashion Week (Finland) has announced Sergey Bondarev as the main artist collaboration of the year 2016

September 2016 - group exhibition "Strips", M-Gallery, Rostov, Russia

September 2016 - Second collaboration of artist BONDAREV and department store Au Pont Rouge , windows the new season "Baroque theater of the Bauhaus"

November 2016 - solo exhibition "POETLETTE", Kreutz Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia

October 2017 - group exhibition "Little black dress", M-Gallery, Rostov, Russia

April 2018 - solo exhibition "CHATEAU PERDU" at Antonov Gallery - Yekaterinburg, Russia

September 2018 - solo exhibition "LILAC LADIES" at Orekhov Gallery - Moscow, Russia

September 2018 - group exhibition "Jazz threesome", M-Gallery, Rostov, Russia

October 2018 - group exhibition "Circus Circus Circus", ART4 Gallery (curator Andrey Bartenev), Moscow, Russia

May 2019 - solo exhibition "FALSE MIRRORS" at Antonov Gallery - St.Petersburg, Russia